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Selection Process

The Chiaroscuro governing board, with input from attendee surveys and volunteer feedback, presents a unifying theme for each season. Themes are deliberately broad to encourage inclusion from diverse perspectives.


The film selection committee considers various criteria during the submission and nominating process of the international films including variety in country of origin, length, critical acclaim, availability, and status as a West Michigan premiere viewing. Every committee member watches a list of recommended films and then pares down the list by consensus.

Programming Structure

The programming committee organizes the panel discussion in consideration of each film selected. Two experts are invited to sit on the panel, one is knowledgeable in film studies and the other deeply connected to the culture represented in the film. Feedback/questions from audience members is greatly encouraged.


The reception that follows the film viewing and panel discussion completes the afternoon immersion in world culture with an offering of complimentary food and drink. This allows participants a space to mingle with others and build upon the ideas presented earlier in the program, encouraging further dialogue and cultural exchange in a friendly, casual setting.

Suggestion Tool

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