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Phoenix (Petzold, 2014)

Moderator: Spencer Everhart

Panelists: Niclas Heckner (Film) and Katharina Gross (Culture)

Girlhood (Sciamma, 2014)

Moderator: Michel Pichot

Panelists: Toni Perrine (Film) and Severine Ward (Culture)

The Cakemaker (Grazier, 2017)

Moderator: Michal Ravid

Panelists: Kerri VanderHoff (Film) and Mario Atios (Culture)

Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (Kuosmanen, 2016)

Moderator: Christina Dugan

Panelists: Carl Plantinga (Film)

Jauja (Alonso, 2014)

Moderator: Anal Shah

Panelists: Spencer Everhart (Film) and David Stark (Culture)

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